Roof Maintenance

Does your roof need maintenance? We're here to help!

Here at Ridgeline Roofing, LLC, we perform roof inspections, and we can spot most potential problems before they turn into costly leaks.

Roof maintenance can be very cost-effective. Not only is preventive maintenance good for your roof, but it also provides you with peace of mind knowing your roof is going to keep shedding water. When roof maintenance is done on your home, Ridgeline Roofing will tell you the condition of your roof and approximately how many more years of life you can get out of your shingles. Ridgeline Roofing will also alert you of any potential problem areas.


- Cracked rubber pipe flashing seals (occurs at approx. 10-12 years)
- Cracked Vents (only occurs if vents are fastened improperly)
- Moss growth (recommend treating moss annual or bi-annually)
- Improper flashing
- Exposed fasteners (usually start leaking at 6-8 years)
- Improper ventilation (mold/mildew in attic)

Do you have any questions about the specifics of our roof maintenance services? Get in touch with us today!
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