By lemaster 02 Feb, 2017
Ventilation in your attic is key to getting the maximum life out of your roof. At Ridgeline Roofing, we install ridge vent on almost every project. Ridge vent is the best alternative to the industry standard turtle vents. Not only does it look better. It vents twice as good as it looks. Improper venting can lead to excessive granule loss, and mold/mildew on the underside of your sheathing. It can also cause your sheathing to bow and sag. Homes with vaulted ceilings are especially prone to being poorly ventilated. Most of the homes built pre-2000 are under ventilated. Call Ridgeline Roofing to evaluate your attic ventilation.
By lemaster 02 Feb, 2017
Wind damage occurs when the shingles haven’t sealed down properly or when the roof is about due for replacement. Wind damage is also a sign of poorly installed shingles. If you do suspect the wind has damaged your roof. Call Ridgeline Roofing to schedule a roof inspection.
By lemaster 02 Feb, 2017
Roof leaks usually stem from poor installation practices or using low quality materials. Poor nail placement is the main cause of leaks. Roof penetrations (chimneys, pipe flashings, skylights, and step flashing) are also prone to leaking without proper installation. Call Ridgeline Roofing to set up a free estimate to get your roof leak fixed today.
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